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Why Reservation should be abolished in India?

-By Laxmi P. Boda*

“Dr Ambedkar was a vocal supporter of the caste-based reservation system. On the contrary, Dr Ambedkar was of the opinion that caste-based reservation would affect the social fabric of India”.


In a democratic form of administration, the concept of majority came into being, and took the mantle of administration. The main idea was to give, equal justice to all, irrespective of caste, religion, ethnicity, region etc. The idea was to develop the nation and bring prosperity to all. But the formation of political parties, gave various options, for the people to form groups. This resulted in dividing the nation, between rich and poor, in different grades. Here again, the concept of ‘might is right’, surfaced again through the numbers on the one hand, and the strength of the rich and the powerful on the other. Many neglected sections of the society, gained strength, through the process of numbers.

The rich and the powerful, formed another group, and controlled the economy in their favour. Now the clash is between the economic power holders, and the democratic number holders. The radicalization through political ideology, religious ideology, and the caste factor is in conflict with each other. The system of reservation is playing only a small part in the whole conflict.


“India would see the end of caste-based reservation only when Indians themselves realize that such reservations don’t serve the intended purpose”.

The development process should gain momentum, in whatever way it can. Now the political philosophy has gained momentum, through democratic process, we have to wait and see, how it moves forward. Reservation is a minor issue, and will be solved automatically, when the country develops. I am not saying that it should be completely eradicated, but if it were made to be on some other basis rather than just because they carry that for generations, like creating a quota system where people are divided only on the basis of their financial status, It would be way better since those deprived of opportunities like me might still stand a chance in the future, and those who really deserve additional support would eventually get it from our government. Instead of Caste, creed, religion based reservation system a fine tuned financially/economical based system should be implemented.


“It is also an open secret that Dr Ambedkar’s prophecy has come true — and the legislative provisions of caste-based reservation have failed to produce the intended results”.

Dr B.R. Ambedkar only wanted it for 10 years. Let’s have a hundred or even better, 75. If it has not changed India by then, then it is clearly a policy that doesn’t work and has failed. I want my country to be a first-class country in everything. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost. While Ambedkar was concerned about the quality of the democracy that does not assure equality of opportunity, Nehru was concerned about the quality of administration. We have suffered on both counts. It is time now to think of a sunset clause to the reservations policy. Let’s remove the caste based vote bank policy once and for all.

“We must think in terms of making them equal first to benefit from equality of opportunity”. 

*University College of Law, Osmania University (

Disclaimer: Views expressed by the author are personal.

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