The Real of the Virus

Michael KC Thanga[1]


This article explores how the need for the philosophical understanding of the current situation due to the Pandemic. Covid-19 as a matter of objective and social fact tends to align along with our existential attitudes, beliefs regarding the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and our Ideological commitments. Decisions about the measures and obligations we have adopted such as social distancing, wearing masks rely in part on how one evaluates the nature of the virus. In this article I investigate the relationship between one’s Ideology developed through beliefs, Ideologies and Covid-19 oriented stances. Furthermore, this article explores the virus is much more than a natural intrusion into the human world. It reveals our interconnectivity, as being-in-the-world, that the virus is not just an external intrusion disrupting our world. Taking the Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective on the master signifier and the Real as a traumatic intrusion into our life world, Covid-19 is an Event (Badiou), produced by our social, technological, environment ecosystem. This article concludes by our need to rethink our global economy relying on the market mechanism and our need to address the truth of our situation.

Keywords: Covid-19, Ideology, Event.

[1] Department of Philosophy, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

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