The global water crisis: addressing through Indian Jain philosophy

Swati Arora[1]


As the population and demand rise, the crisis of water becomes dominant. A large part of Earth’s water is frozen, and less than 1% of water flows in rivers and lakes. It is estimated that globally by 2035, a large percentage of the population will suffer from the water crisis. While many political and institutional debates are carried over the problem of water scarcity, the water crisis is still prevalent and is going to get worsen in coming generations. This article deals with the traditional principles of Jains philosophy to deal with the current water crisis. I shall discuss three main principles of Jaina’s philosophy- ahimsa, the non-living water, and aparigraha to deal with the current water situation. In the process, we shall see that following these practices in our daily lives creates a big impact on water conservation globally. These principles help to address the availability of water for our future generations.

Keywords: water crisis, Jaina philosophy, conservation

[1] The University of Sydney, Australia

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