The Four Cardinal Virtues in the midst of the Pandemic

Wandashisha Mary Nongbri[1]


Amidst of the pandemic, questions have emerged regarding the working of the State and also the response of the citizens of the country to the pandemic. This article aims to highlight the role of Philosophy particularly Ethics emphasizing on the Concept of Cardinal Virtues (wisdom, courage, temperance and justice) that was greatly expounded in the Greek city state. In one way or the other every human being needs a sense of direction in his life amidst troubles. The right ingredients of virtue will help a person in providing a sense of direction to him. The concept of virtue as excellence of any kind means a human’s excellence that belongs to man. The excellence that belongs to human being will be seen as playing a pivotal role in directing the state including the leader and also the citizens. Guiding a person to do what is right in a particular action. In the midst of fear, tension and anxiety the cardinal virtues as such can become a ground of how human being can reshape and rethink about his life in a crisis and also post the pandemic. The moral life of the individual, that is his relationship with the state and the other individual in the society plays a very important role.

Keywords: virtues, cardinal virtue, fear,wisdom, courage, temperance and justice.

[1] Research Scholar, Department of Philosophy, N.E.H.U.-Shillong

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