Can Universal brotherhood and Collective Consciousness be a way out for COVID?

Sneha Chakraborty[1] Abstract: It may seem ‘idealistic’ to let philosophy pave the path for uncontrollable changes in our lives. However, if we look deeply the answers to the most difficult questions lie within the process of self-introspection and realization. Philosophy meditates the entire process from darkness to light, raveling through the uncharted territories leading towards […]


Care Ethics as First Philosophy: Responding Bill Gates through Emanuel Levinas lenses Over Covid-19 Vaccine Imperialism

Amrita Tripathi [1] Abstract:        In a recent interview of British news broadcaster Sky News, well-known billionaire and philanthropic humanist Bill Gates was seriously asked if it would be good to share intellectual property rights of Covid-19 vaccines with developing countries. To this question, which is a very vulnerable matter in the present time when millions of […]

Article Ethics

Philosophy as a virtue and Way of Life: An Intellectual and Moral Battle against Modern World Crises

Rajan[1] Abstract: Ludwing Wittgenstein, despite having a great inclination towards linguistic philosophy kept a great deal of empathy towards the importance of ancient thought and philosophers who consider it as a virtue and way of life. As he famously put it; ‘‘[W]hat is the use of studying philosophy if all that it does for you […]

Article Socio-Political

Livelihood Concerns of Tribals During the Pandemic: Societal and Philosophical Perspective

LT.(DR) Lakshman Patra[1] Abstract: The second wave of COVID-19 is severely affecting the entire world. The scenario is very grim in India. Indigenous people are becoming even more vulnerable during this global pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a dystopian scenario. It has generated ‘uncertainties’ because of immediate prevalence of the notions of risk, fear, […]


The Real of the Virus

Michael KC Thanga[1] Abstract: This article explores how the need for the philosophical understanding of the current situation due to the Pandemic. Covid-19 as a matter of objective and social fact tends to align along with our existential attitudes, beliefs regarding the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and our Ideological commitments. Decisions about the measures […]