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We invite summary/information for recent publications in Philosophy. This is an opportunity to share your work to the wider range of audience and to increase readership. Current submissions will be featured in our upcoming issue (June-2021) of ‘Philosophy Today Magazine’. Deadline for current issue: June 10, 2021 Please Click below to submit the Book information. […]

Book Launch

New Book: What is Deep Philosophy? by Ran Lahav

A new book published in the field of Philosophical Practice. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and methods of Deep Philosophy, practiced by the international Deep Philosophy Group. Deep Philosophy means doing philosophy from our inner depth. By contemplating on fundamental aspects of life, we seek to relate to the foundation of human reality. By doing so from our inner depth, we seek to give voice to our deepest personal sensitivities and yearnings. By contemplating on texts from the history of philosophy, we seek to take part in the rich symphony of human voices throughout the ages. And by contemplating in togetherness with our companions, we seek to transcend the boundaries of our individual viewpoint and take part in a broader scope of humanity.