Role of philosophy in the time of crisis (with special reference to Covid pandemic)

Muzaffar Abass Wazir[1]


This article attempts to give an opinion on why is it that the question of “role” is being asked particularly of philosophy as this precedes the question of role of philosophy in crisis. And in doing so, we will come across three factors although no exhaustingly to be among the salient factors for the question of role with respect to philosophy. Despite those factors being the case philosophy in itself plays an essential role and especially in crisis no matter in what context you put philosophy into, it always thrives in such situation of chaos. And the pandemic of Covid is no less than a chaos where I will show how at the deepest level of the issues in the pandemic are more serious philosophical problems to deal. Thus, Philosophy does act in a very subtle and at the deepest level that its role is   undisputed in crisis especially.

Keywords: First person perspective, metaphysics, contextualized, coherentism, personhood

[1] M.Phil. Scholar, J.N.U.

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