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Redefining Environmental Ethics in Perspective of Non-Anthropocentrism

Kalyani Dash[1]


Whatever approach we take or from whichever angle we look at it, it is hard to purely look at the environment from what is called the ‘non-anthropocentric’ view. Human beings, directly or indirectly will always become the center of every discussion pertaining environment and nature. As being the rational and intellectually superior species among all others, Man has the upper hand in making rules and taking decisions. To put it simply, there are no representative from the other side to put forward their views. So, when we say maintaining ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ in nature, how we should do it without human interference? Is maintaining balance all about maintaining equality? Who gives this equality and on what basis? We will focusing on these questions, trying to articulate the possibilities of having a non-anthropocentric world. And if at all, there is a necessity for all components of the nature to be equal.

[1] Presidency University, Kolkata

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