Reasoning Uncertainties associated with COVID-19

Dr. Sreetama Misra[1]


The article explores the uncertainties and adversities associated with Covid-19 pandemic and the way this crisis has disrupted human lives from the grassroots. The pandemic situation has resulted in weakening our normal living and shaking our socio-economic securities, thereby forcing us to live in social isolation. It is time for humanity to regain the lost trust, to reshape life with re-establishing trust in individual and social life and exercise reason so as to address future catastrophes like eco-crisis, climate change and so on, which could be no lesser than Covid-19 pandemic. The paper, therefore, calls for establishing new normal certainties amidst uncertainties and existential emergencies that mankind is facing today.

Keywords: Uncertainties, Emergency, Crisis, Reason, Covid-19 Pandemic, Humanity

[1] Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Belda College, West Bengal

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