Philosophy in transforming lives

Dr. Kakali Bezbaruah[1]


Philosophy as a discipline in many institutions of the country has not attained the desired objective of the subject. The interlinkage between Philosophy and Science got disconnected only after renaissance. Earlier the organic connection between the two could lead to a society with knowledge and humanity on one hand and modernity and technology on the other hand.  It is very fundamental to know and perceive the sustainability of what the world is doing in the name of inventions and discovery. If those discovery and inventions cannot protect the true interest of human being then it is meaningless to invest lion’s share of the scarce resources. On suffering from good amount virus and disasters, it is high time for both developed and developing countries to appropriate the divinity advocated by Swami Vivekananda, an instance only.

Keywords: Modernisation, Transformation, Philosophy, Humanity

[1] Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, B. N. College, Dhubri

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