A Quest for answers: ṚṢIKĀ GĀRGĪ and her debates

The silencing of woman in a patriarchal society by adopting the method of threats, menace, warnings and insults is a common scenario witnessed in contemporary times. Though, this phenomena is not only seen in the present times but has been customary in the Vedic times as well. As an example, a famous debate between the philosopher sage Yajnavalkya and Rsika Gargi from the Yajnavalkya Kanda of Brihadaranyaka Upanisad has been taken into account. This debate is an epitome of male egoism and women subordination which can be related to the position of women in present times as well. An important weapon to place our point of view in front of the society and reach to the conclusive answers is by the method of debate through apt justifications and reasoning and one must not stop till indisputable answers are reached. Thus, this paper is a tentative elucidation of how a woman is silenced in a quest for answers from Vedic times to present time.