Freelance Writing Program

Application Deadline: Rolling Advertisement (Weekly Shortlisting)

Shortlisting Notification: Every Monday

Specialization: Any topic related to Philosophy

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Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Condition Carefully before submitting.

  1. Article Submission
    1. The article should be submitted in the MS word format only.
    2. The article should be formatted according to the format provided by the company.
    3. The article should not be published and/or submitted elsewhere for publication.
    4. The article should be written fresh and should not be plagiarised (not more than 5% similarity).
    5. Each article should be submitted according to the respective category.
  2. Revenue Model
    1. The Freelancer will be paid on a per-article basis. He/She will be paid base value @ Rs. 100/- per article unless stated separately.  
    2. The payment is subjected to the validation of articles by the team of experts every Sunday.
    3. All the articles submitted till Saturday will be reviewed on Sunday, and the result will be shared with the freelancer.
    4. The payment will be processed Every Monday for the Accepted articles from the previous week.
    5. The payment to the Freelancer is subject to the successful validation of the articles. Any rejected articles will be returned to the freelancer, and no payment will be processed for rejected articles.
    6. Type of Articles and rate per article:
      • Theory Article: Rs. 100
      • Research Article: Rs. 120
      • Journal Review Article: Rs. 120
      • Book Review Article: Rs. 120
      • Focus Area Article: Rs. 130
    7. Focus Area for the Month of October: Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Recent Developments in Indian Philosophy
  3. Non disclosure of confidential Information
    1. The freelancer is not supposed to disclose any confidential information about the company.
    2. The articles, once accepted for payment, will have complete authority and ownership of the company and freelancers cannot use and share it with anyone or anywhere.
    3. The first owner of the articles would be the Company However, the authorship credit would be given to the respective freelancer.

We will provide Letter of Recommendation for successful participants.

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