St. Andrew’s Centre for Philosophy and Performing Arts

(A dialogue through Cinema, Poetry and the Visual Arts)
A Residential Workshop in Goa

This unique workshop is our second offering in the series Religion and Beyond…This time, the aim is to familiarise you with a holistic blend of arts through the lens of religion and culture. The workshop faculty, armed with knowledge, expertise, and experience in philosophy and arts, are keen to inform their understanding of how arts are perceived across geographies and time, and how arts have influenced faith, spirituality, and cultures across centuries. This workshop is dedicated to inquiry and discussion on topics, such as Art, Aesthetics and Faith, ,theology of making art, mystical and existential poetry, among others. We will offer you an opportunity to absorb arts in myriad ways through film viewings, discourses, discussions, and visits to museums and heritage sites. This workshop seeks to explore and enhance your understanding of creative expression.

Course Faculty
Dr. Omkar Bhatkar
Dr. Amita Valmiki

Workshop Fees: Rs 9,000/-
Cost includes Basic Accommodation, 3 Veg Meals on all 3 days, Workshop Fees, Museum Visits and Course Material.

The workshop will be conducted over 3 days at Pilar Retreat Centre, Goa

From 7th to 9th Jan 2022
9 AM TO 6 PM

Open to first ten Registrations only
For brochure/ details call
+91 98190 07976

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