‘Kaivalya’ in Indian Thought

Swyam Mehrotra[1]


The objective of essay is to define and explain the connotation of ‘kaivalya’ according to diverse philosophical and religious theories and differentiate it with present.  Beginning with a quote followed by small description of current situation in addition to how we obliterated our ancient theories. It succeeds by explanation of primordial dogma of ‘isolation’ as stated in different philosophical theories and religions. This essay analyzes present circumstances along with how this concept has changed overtime. Essay also mentions the motive to re-evaluate this concept of isolation.  Why it is necessary? In addition, how it benefited? Then the essay, gives a distinction between past and present theory of isolation. Lastly, it concludes by defining how our negligence leads to revise historical teachings and role of individual in attaining self-realization to set free from the cycle of suffering.

[1] swyam31@gmail.com

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