Can Universal brotherhood and Collective Consciousness be a way out for COVID?

Sneha Chakraborty[1]


It may seem ‘idealistic’ to let philosophy pave the path for uncontrollable changes in our lives. However, if we look deeply the answers to the most difficult questions lie within the process of self-introspection and realization. Philosophy meditates the entire process from darkness to light, raveling through the uncharted territories leading towards enlightenment through self-evaluation.  It enables us to fight against not only the inner demons but also the surrounding consequences. In this article, I would look at the implication of some supposedly (abstract) ideals and their successful role in fighting against the life-threatening Coronavirus. The pandemic was a situation that altered our lives upside down.  The article would evaluate that the biggest battles are fought within oneself with the power of knowledge. It would try to portray how Covid can be fought with the unification of ‘self and others’ by approaching universal brotherhood and humanism.

Keywords: self-introspection, knowledge, universal –brotherhood, humanism.

[1] Jadavpur University |

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