Peace in Human Life: In the Eye of Indian Perspective

C Anjaneyulu[1]


We, as human beings, generally think living peacefully and happily is the purpose of this life. Therefore, we always expect peace in all our actions. But from various bitter experiences such as educational insecurity, job insecurity, wars and future expectations and so on, peace in human life seems like a myth. The possibility of it seems impossible. However, some ancient theories, in particular, four ashrama dharmas and some modern thinkers in India tried to show peaceful living is not impossible. They thought it is possible by bringing order and harmony in our thought process and in our day to day practices. They tried to provide a path by which one can live peacefully. Also, they tried to show what kind of results one can get from a peaceful life. The main aim of this paper is to understand those principles and their significant role to bring peace and consequently the positive results of it in human life.

Keywords: Human life, ashrama dharmas, order and harmony, peace

[1] Department of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad

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