Book Review- ‘The Inner Revolution: Transformation to a New Man and Peace’

Life is a path, life is a guide, life is a teacher, and life is a religion that eventually takes to an individual’s inner revolution and peace.

Title Of The Book:
The Inner Revolution: Transformation to a New Man and Peace

Author(s) of the book:
Harbhajan Singh

Brief Review:

The Inner Revolution illuminates on how man can be changed profoundly and metamorphosed into a human or a “New Man.” Life is our guide, life is our teacher, life is our religion and life is our path that eventually takes to individual, inner revolution and peace. As a testament of truth for the millions, this offers profound understanding reaching towards the ultimate freedom. The book provides deep insights for the only and last hope for peace. 

The iconic, practically-oriented book encompasses constructive approach, critical acumens and ground-breaking analyses, and demonstrates on how to look at the problems and eradicate them forever. This contribution comprises not only elements of contemporary literature or thinking but also permanent and long-lasting essentials for the individuals, people, society, and the world. Not only contains an interwoven synthesis of a historic perspective but also a perspective on the awakening of humankind via self-knowledge, self-discovery and self-revolution. This constitutes one of the most awakened critiques of the century that focuses on the eternal questions of life.

The book is of lasting interest to the general, non-academic, and academic readerships that stimulate public debate about key issues in social, political, and religious life, leading to a rebirth of a new society, new culture, and new civilization. This constitutes an everlasting revelation for humanity. The theme focuses on the following elements:

  • Presents how a man can be changed profoundly and transformed into a “New Man” that eventually unites the world and constitutes peace.
  • Contains an interwoven synthesis on the awakening of humankind via self-knowledge, self-discovery and self-revolution.
  • Covers to recognize and eliminate the man-made illusions of the world that cause violence and wars.
  • Offers a testament of truth and profound understanding reaching towards ultimate freedom.
  • Constitutes one of the most awakened critiques that focus on establishing a biosphere of a new humanity, a war-free world, and a heaven on the earth and a long-lasting peace.

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About the Author:

Harbhajan Singh, Ph.D., is an innovative thinker and Environmental Engineer, and is particularly interested in establishing a war-free world, heaven on earth, and long-lasting peace.  (He can be contacted at: ‘‘ )
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