Science is uprooting Free Will from Governance

Free will assumptions have long been the basic axiom for not only philosophical and ethical doctrines but also as a basis for a large part of sociology, law, public administration, civics, political science, economics, and ethology. With an increased understanding of natural order that dictation seems flimsy, humanistic and emotional exceptionalism is rapidly eroding, and we are more and more envisioning ourselves as parts of nature, rather than masters of it.

Tribal Religion and Religious Belief of Tiprasa

Totemism is the most primitive religion. A totem is a species of animal or plants or class of inanimate objects, with whom a group or community has very intimate relation or kinship.[vii] If there is anything as Totem, in the Tiprasa religion then obviously it will be a Waa (bamboo). Because it is a thing which they uses not only in religious purpose but each and every place of life.