Importance of Buddhist Ideas of Loving, Kindness and Compassion during COVID-19 Pandemic

Uroosa Tanzeem[1]


Corona virus continues to affect the lives of all sentient beings. Even the most advanced health systems have been failed in front of this invisible threat. So many people are in anxiety and eagerly waiting for the end of this pandemic. Through this article, I would like to discuss how to deal with this present situation from the Buddhist point of view. Buddhist mediation therapies are India’s most ancient techniques from past 2500 years ago. Buddhist philosophy advocates a pragmatic approach to stress reduction and mindfulness. Buddhist practices are based on loving, kindness, and compassion which are the Buddhist path to keep our mind fearless, to help heal mental agonies, and awaking to reality. The purpose of this article broadly draws the Buddhist ideas and practices which help to reduce the suffering of others and to ourselves, by transforming our mind and behavior so we can grow, learn and focus on the solution of suffering during this pandemic and try to compassionate with great kindness without any discrimination. This article briefly reviews loving-kindness and compassion benefits during this pandemic situation.

[1] uroshatanzeem@gmail.com

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