Philosophy in transforming lives

Dr. Kakali Bezbaruah[1] Abstract: Philosophy as a discipline in many institutions of the country has not attained the desired objective of the subject. The interlinkage between Philosophy and Science got disconnected only after renaissance. Earlier the organic connection between the two could lead to a society with knowledge and humanity on one hand and modernity […]

Article Ethics

Redefining Environmental Ethics in Perspective of Non-Anthropocentrism

Kalyani Dash[1] Abstract: Whatever approach we take or from whichever angle we look at it, it is hard to purely look at the environment from what is called the ‘non-anthropocentric’ view. Human beings, directly or indirectly will always become the center of every discussion pertaining environment and nature. As being the rational and intellectually superior […]


Robo(ar)t: On Artificial Intelligence Entering the Art World

Sugandhaa Pandey[1] Abstract: With computer programs producing algorithmic art, the conundrum of capitalisation of art and aesthetics has resurfaced, dressed-up in new clothes. This paper seeks to analyse the ethics of such visual outcomes by drawing upon philosophical discussions regarding autonomy, authenticity, and creativity. I shall attempt to give a holistic perspective on the ethics […]


Swaraj in doing Philosophy

Aditi[1] Abstract: Philosophy cannot just be about conceptual analysis that is very profoundly determined by the West. Philosophy is not an exhaustive subject and therefore in this paper I try to justify other ways of doing philosophy. I take help of Krishna Chandra Bhattacharya’s essay “Swaraj in Ideas” and try to show how the philosophy […]