Care Ethics as First Philosophy: Responding Bill Gates through Emanuel Levinas lenses Over Covid-19 Vaccine Imperialism

Amrita Tripathi [1]


In a recent interview of British news broadcaster Sky News, well-known billionaire and philanthropic humanist Bill Gates was seriously asked if it would be good to share intellectual property rights of Covid-19 vaccines with developing countries. To this question, which is a very vulnerable matter in the present time when millions of people have been looking with an owing attitude to developed countries, Bill Gates boldly claimed big no-no. Now with this negation, intellectuals have been shifted into two categories: on the one hand, some have been affirming bill gates attitude with nationalistic, capitalistic and intellectual rightist justifications; while on the other hand, some are condemning him with an approach that it refutes the very possibility of global responsibility and positive human values such as empathy, care, and love. The present articles assemble a philosophical debate around such positions and critical question. The article concludes with Emanuel Levinas philosophy and ethics of responsibility. However, we will not be confined to Emanuel Levinas only, wherever needed, we will be using the convenient thinkers such as peter singer, Socrates and so on for our central thesis i.e. care ethics as the first philosophy.

Keywords:   Philosophy, Care, Covid-19, Vaccine, Bill Gates, Emanuel Levinas

[1] Ph.D. Research Scholar, Dept. of French Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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