Jibin Paul[1]


The isolation becomes one of the most conventional concepts at the present context. The self-isolation from the world as well as sensual pleasures (Vairagya) and the ensconcement in the Supreme Isolation (Kaivalya) is squarely entrenched in Indian thought system. Therefore, Kaivalya is defined as the aloofness from everything else and remaining in the pure existence of the Self. This essay is an attempt to expose the concept of isolation in Indian tradition. The deeper understanding in the essay finds that isolation is not the state of eloping from the social responsibilities. Instead, it is the responsible performance of duties without entangling towards either action or fruits of actions. It is perfected through the practice of detachment and contemplation. The rare but evident combination of the Supreme Isolation and Social Responsibility is presented in the essay as the distinctive and unique feature of Indian tradition. The self-discovery in the quarantine without snubbing the social responsibility is the relevancy of the thought.

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