Nidhi Yadav[1]


Indian Philosophical Thoughts are flooded with the idea of Isolation/Kaivalya. Though   Isolation is not a novel concept in Indian thought but it is determined as the only way to attain ‘moksha’. The three classical systems of Indian philosophy namely – the orthodox(Astika), the heterodox(Nastika) and the Indian materialistic(Charvaka) broadly describe the concept of ‘Kaivalya’. Hinduism describes the separation of Purush(soul)  from Prakriti (matter)as ‘kaivalya’. Buddhism describes ‘Nirvana’ (true knowledge) as the path to attend ‘moksha’. While Jainism refers Kaivalya or kevala Jana(omniscience) as supreme wisdom or complete understanding. The current Covid-19 pandemic had also created situation of isolation but it is broadly different from the theory of Kaivalya. Covid-19 had created separation of individual from community and  humans (being a social animal)  can’t live without community. Thus, philosophy can  be used to show correct path to humans so that they can utilise this separation to attain true knowledge.