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Online Paid Internship for Philosophy Students

This program is intended to help young scholars to sharpen their research and writing skills.  Selected candidates will be attached to a Sponsored Project. Details: Initial for 1 month (1st January 2021- 31st January 2021) Project area: Philosophy of Education Position: 2 Eligibility: Any Graduate/ Post-Graduate student (Preference will be given to Philosophy/Education domain) Perks and Benefits: Certificate after […]


Science is uprooting Free Will from Governance

-By Pitamber Kaushik Choice is one of the most fundamental assumptions of most classical thought and belief systems whether it be treated as a valuable gift or a taken-for-granted unavoidable naturality. The belief in the independence of one’s action and the consequent responsibility, answerability, and accountability for the same constitutes the cornerstone of our social […]


Tribal Religion and Religious Belief of Tiprasa

–By Shantaraj Debbarma Dr. Galloway divided the religion into Tribal, National and Universal religion. The basic features of tribal religion are they are limited in number, small but very incorporating. Blood relationship is the main in their social life and we-feeling and community feeling is very strong in their social life. Their religious customs are […]

Article हिंदी-Hindi

लाकडाउन में जीवन को भरपूर जीने की मनोवैज्ञानिक कुंजी

प्रख्यात अमेरिकी कलाकार एंडी वारहॉल का कथन है “हमेशा कहा जाता है कि समय चीजों को बदलता है, लेकिन आपको वास्तव में उन्हें खुद को बदलना होगा”. बतौर एक व्यावसायिक चित्रकार, कलात्मक चित्रकार, फ़िल्मकार, निर्माता, कारोबारी, पारखी और संरक्षक, वारहॉल ने कभी भी खुद को दायरों में सीमित नहीं किया, तथा जीवनपर्यंत नई विधाओं और […]

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